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There is so much that can be done on the coasts of Colombia with very little money. We have claculated that if we had at least $5,500 per month, we could easily fund:

  • Six ministry family salaries
  • Two retreats per year
  • Five days a week of feeding 165 children
  • The whole scholarship program
  • Supplies and equipment for ministry partners
  • A benevolence fund for emergencies



Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers. May the Lord richly bless you and refresh you as you refresh others.

Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism logo

FAME, which stands for Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism, was the very first ministry to partner with La Costa Colombia in Barranquilla. FAME conducts medical mission trips around the world but had never really had a presence in South America.

So, in 2019 La Costa Colombia and our affiliate ministry Casa Firme hosted a FAME medical mission trip. The trip was a resounding success and three other trips have been conducted. in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with a future trip planned for October of 2023.

Along with the medical mission trips, FAME has also conducted CHE training in the Community Health Center at Casa Firme. CHE stands for Community Health Evangelism and teaches practical health principles and uses the lessons to also teach the love of God in Christ.

FAME has further helped in expanding the ministry of Casa Firme by partnering with La Costa Colombia to provide the funds to purchase the property for the congregation and the Community Health Center.

La Costa Colombia contributed $12,000.00 and FAME contributed $19,000.00, while Casa Firme provided the rest. All monies were given to the Casa Firme Foundation and the foundation is the owner of the property.

International Disaster Emergency Service logo

IDES which stands for International Disaster and Emrgency Service provides assistance world wide in both disasters and in ongoing emergency situations. One such emergency is hunger.

IDES helps missions establlish feeding ministries which are also used for evangelism and community education. In 2022 IDES began to partner with La Costa Colombia to expand the Casa Firme feeding ministry from 2 to 5 days a week. This grant lasts 6 months and could be renewed for an additional 6 months.

But the idea is for La Costa Colombia and Casa Firme to be diligent about raising funds during this time to continue the work. Please be in prayer with us for this effort.

Agri Stewards
Agristewards is an agricultural outreach that teaches people in many regions of the world how to maximize yields using available, land and organic materials. Agritewrds teaches responsible farming and has helped people to become self reliant and even begin a business selling their crops.

Along with the agricultural education, Agristewards teaches about the love of Jesus and uses an approach to discipleship also used by FAME and La Costa Colombia, which emphasizes direct Bible reading in small groups which duplicate as they grow. Agristewards has their first trip to Barranquilla planned for August of 2023.

Entermission, a subsidiary ministry of the International Conference on Missions, is a gap year ministry for young people who have graduated from High School but are not yet sure where they feel the Lord is leading them for further education and work. The year gives them great Bible education and a three month practical experience on a mission field.

Entermission sent a group to Barranquilla to live and work with Casa Firme in January of 2023. This group will end their time at Casa Frime in April of 2023. Roger Torres, Minister and Executive Director at Casa Firme, has been very impressed with the spiritual maturity of the group and plans are being made to host more groups in the future.

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